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Read About Neon Studios!

2007-07-21 17:37:31 by TheNeonStudios

Hello all, thanks for stopping by to check out my profile. I know this is very myspace to some of you, although if you think about it, myspace is nothing like this. I think that this is more like Blogspot then anything. Well anyways, some information about us!

Right now Neon Studios is based from a teenagers bedroom which is located in Ontario, Canada. Not much funds are available for me right now, but hopefully that will change. I have a huge project coming up soon, which is going to be a flash based game that will be playable on the X-box. Once I get this project working, I will be selling the game hopefully either to a company, or selling it independently. There is only one member of Neon Studios right now. If you would to like to be apart of Neon Studios all you have to do is ask, although no wages are given for anything. Like I said, I do not hold the funds to pay employee's yet. Hopefully soon though.

I am also getting a site up soon!
The address will eventually be: neonstudios.net
I have a friend who is able to get me hosting and web design as well as the domain name for under$50 cdn / year.

Once again, thanks for stopping by!
Keep coming back at anytime to check for updates or anything else.

Have a great day, Neon Studios


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