Entry #2

Information Regarding PalTalk Emo

2007-07-23 18:27:13 by TheNeonStudios

I do not want any users thinking that any of the users that were making fun of this kid are asses, jerks, and losers for "bullying" the kid. If you cannot already tell he was lipping pretty much everyone off in the room, which made us question his age and maturity. After a while he continued to just be a dick to everyone so we all pretty much got together and started to flame him. He instead of leaving begged and begged to be able to stay in the chat so we let him, he just didn't like what happned to him while he was in there.

People making fun of him from what I remember were:


*Dry-Ice (came later)
*Myself, (Bradley Blei-x)

Hope you enjoy the flash "PalTalk Emo"
Thanks, Bradley Blei (The Neon Studios)


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2007-07-23 21:34:19

Ha cmc is on right now, thanks for helping me